Top 10 Best Digital Thermometer Reviews in 2018

Be well-prepared to have first aid at home or office or during travel is better. Among the first aid items, there is special equipment that can monitor and prove if you are in bad condition. It is none other than a thermometer. It can measure your body temperature to see if you go above the normal temperature. A digital thermometer is highly recommended as it has a clear LCD display showing the exact temperature and works quick. You should have it especially when there is a baby or a kid at home. It is like a basic check-up report.

Buying guideline:

So what features should you look for on a product? Well, first of all, you should choose the digital thermometer that ensures its function to read the temperature accurately. Second of all, you have to choose the medical thermometer that suitable for age range; for adults or babies. Third of all, as it is a hi-tech product, it must be long lasting and convenient to use.

For you information, the text below will introduce the top 10 best digital thermometer reviews in 2018. They are the best devices that you should purchase.

1. Medical Ear Thermometer with Forehead Function

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Great technology presents you this medical digital thermometer which has ear mode and head mode. It means you can use it on either area to measure your temperature. For easy reading, it will show the result in Fahrenheit and Celsius. The device has a LCD screen with backlight of red or green. It will indicate whether you have fever in dangerous stage or normal. It also has memory to note 20 results.

2. Best FDA Fast 10 sec reading digital medical thermometer for oral, rectal, axillary armpit underarm body temperature

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This digital thermometer enables various usages on different body parts. For instance, it is possible for oral, rectal, armpit, and underarm. Not for human, this device works on animals too. Due to the fast performance, you won’t have to wait for several minutes—just 10 seconds will show the accurate result. It can read in Fahrenheit or Celsius so you can choose the one you are familiar to.  

3. Clinical Ear Thermometer with Forehead Function - Upgraded Medical Quality with Improved Algorithm

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In a household, you should have this incredible medical digital thermometer to check-up everyone. It is easy to use and works quickly to give the result in seconds. For instance, there are two button modes—one is for eardrum and another is for forehead. This thermometer is suitable for all ages. It has bright backlit LCD display so that you can use it at ease at night.

4. Forehead Thermometer, CocoBear Digital Medical Infrared Thermometer Gun Professional

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Amazingly, this device is not only a medical digital thermometer for human, but it has three functions. To be clear, you can measure temperature of human, room, and object. All of these can be selected by a mode button. It is truly beneficial product. It has a memory function to remember about 32 datas. Hence, you can view the history list easily. The LCD screen changes light color to temperature level.

5. Baby Digital Thermometer - For Infants, Babies, Kids

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This product is safe and accuracy proved by FDA. To prevent infection from one patient to others, this digital thermometer is waterproof so that you can clean it without any worry. This thermometer has a soft and flexible tip; hence, it won’t hurt children. You can use it to measure temperature from arm or tongue. With the sole button, it is pretty easy to control. It takes 30 seconds to scan.

6. Forehead and Ear Thermometer, TreasureMax Infrared Digital Thermometer

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This digital thermometer is for all ages from babies to adults. You can use it on forehead and ear. It is luxurious and functional. There is a base station where you can place the thermometer after using. More than that, it has a cover cap to protect the tip. It has sound alert built-in telling you that it is done. And the product has a small LCD display showing precise result. 

7. Digital Baby Thermometer – Non-contact Forehead Thermometer for Babies and All Ages

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The main purpose of this digital thermometer is for baby. It is designed to have lovely visual and compact size. If you have more children at home, you can use this one on all of them without concern of infection. The thermometer is a non-contact device; you just need to hold it 1cm to 6 cm away from the skin. So it is safe. It requires AAA battery to operate so you can replace it at ease.

8. Govee Forehead Ear Thermometer Digital Infrared Head Medical Thermometer

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You can get more benefits from using this digital thermometer. It has several modes which can measure temperature of human, object, and room. Furthermore, you will get two interchangeable tips which for the use on forehead and eardrum. Isn’t it wonderful? This device is easy to control with a power start button and a memory button that can remember the data.

9. Basal Thermometer for Ovulation Tracking with Backlight

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Basal thermometer product is one of the best digital thermometers which perform incredibly and accurately. This product is suitable to use on baby and adult. You can make a record list of your body temperature and the time in this digital device as it can store 60 results. It has backlit LCD screen to light up so you can see it clearly in the dark. It takes 15 seconds to do the measurement.

10. Metene Digital Forehead and Ear Thermometer

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This is the last recommended medical digital thermometer of the list. Interestingly, it doesn’t only have bright LCD screen, but also has a flashlight function. Therefore, you can see the measuring part. It is perfect thermometer to use in the dark. It has memory function to record history result so you can observe your health condition well. You can change the reading from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

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