Top 12 Best Desk Lamps Reviews in 2018

The best desk lamps help bring extra lights when you study or work at night by your desk. There are many designs of desk lamps out there that are available for you in different shapes and sizes. Some of these desk lamps are also great for table next to your bed for you to read books at nights. In this review here, I will bring some best choices of desk lamps that you can purchase for you room. They make great decorations to the room as well. So why not? Check list of Top 12 Best Desk Lamps Reviews in 2018 below:

1. LED Desk Lamp by TaoTranics

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 This is the desk lamp that comes with quality, and helps reduce energy spending by 75%. The great thing about it is that is does not hurt your eyes although you spend hours working with it. It features the flicker-free lighting which is great for reading, working, and studying. There are 7 levels of brightness that you can adjust for the right amount of light that you want. It is stylish, and it comes with 2 colors for you to choose including black and white.

2. Dimmable LED Desk Lamp by Lighting Ever

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 Speaking of style, this desk lamp features 7 dimming levels that you can control by a simple touch. That makes thing easier for you to get just the right brightness that you want for your reading, working, and more. The lamp is also adjustable and sturdy which allows you to rotate the lamp head or adjust the arm for perfect angles. It does not hurt your eyes since it is covered with opacified PC diffusion cover for safety to the eyes.

3. Gooseneck Table Lamp by TaoTronics

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 With compact and smaller design, this table lamp makes great fit in any space you put it. The lamp comes with touch control operation with 7 level of brightness that you can easily manage. It features comfortable, flicker-free,, and ghost-free lighting for fun and relaxing to your eyes. You can use it in office, bedroom, or study to read, work, and more with ease. This lamp also has the function of energy saving which is great for the bills as well.

4. Basic Metl Desk Lamp by Simple Design Home

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 Look at the size of this lamp, it is small and compact which is perfect for reading by the bed. It is the nice, low-cost, and functional desk lamp that you can use it office, kids room, and more. The lamp features painted metal base and shade that looks simply stylish and compliment any rooms. It has flexible hose neck that you can adjust to the right angle for comfortable reading with ease. There are 2 colors that you can choose between black and white.

5. Swing Arm Desk Lamp by Globe Electric

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 As you can see, this desk lamp has spring balanced swing arm that you can easily adjust to any angle. It comes with a clean and simple lines that shines in the dark and compliment the whole room in daylight. The lamp has small base that is easy to place on the table without taking up too much space. It has the on/off switch that you can manage easily. It works great, and it makes the simple and stylish desk lamp to have on your desk.

6. Dimmable LED Desk Lamp by TaoTronics

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 There are times when you move a lot while working on your projects, and this is the lamp for you. You can rotate this desk lamp from head to arm and the base since every part is adjustable. That means the lamp and the light can always be there to shine for you while working conveniently. The lamp is great for all eye types as it is designed to provide full lighting coverage with quality. It has the sleek and modern design that makes great decoration for your whole room and table.

7. Dimmable LED Desk Lamp by LAMPAT

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 There are 4 lighting modes and 5 level of brightness that you can easily select and adjust with this lamp. The lamp is charged by USB power port which is easy and simple to use. The lamp is designed to bring natural light which is safe and soft to the eyes while working or studying. In case you fall asleep on the table, the lamp has 1 hour auto-off mode for energy saving. This lamp is easy to use and simply great to have.

8. Jansjo Desk LED Lamp by Ikea

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 Here is the sleek and slim desk lamp that you can save so much space on the table. Yet receive the brightness just like having the big desk lamp. With the design of aluminum, this desk lamp is durable and high quality which is great for long term use. It has the adjustable arm that you can easily adjust to direct the right light at the right angle. The lamp uses LED light which consumes less energy and lasts 25 times longer for you to use.

9. Desk Lamp by VicTsing

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 With eye protection design, this lamp delivers the comfortable and flicker-free lighting for reading, working, or studying. You can control this lamp with the touch control operation with 3 levels of brightness for your activities. The lamp is compact and lightweight which is easy to put on the table or move to different places. It shines great yet save energy up to 75% for you no matter how many hours you spend working at nights.

10. Portable LED Desk Lamp by Boyon

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 Simple and stylish, this desk lamp is easy to use and soft to the eyes with perfection. The lamp is easy to operate with its touch switches which allows you to control with ease. It features 3 levels of adjustable brightness that you can easily adjust for the right brightness that you want. This lamp has unique curved guide plate which is lightweight and thin to have and use.

11. Minimalist Solid Wood Table Lamp by Surpars House

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With the design of wood stand and linen shade, this lamp makes great decoration to your rooms. It shines the dim light that you can relaxingly read the book at nights with comfort. There is an on/off switch in the middle of the cord that you can easily manage. You can place this lamp on the table and enjoy the style and comfort to your eyes every day with style.

12. 2-in-1 Desk Lamp by UnicornTech

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 By 2-in-1, you can use this desk lamp with 2 different purposes easily. You can use it stand on the desk at its own base just like common lamps. Or you can clip the lamp with its base to the table or any other surfaces with its clip. The lamp is wireless which is simply portable so that you can take it to different places easily. It is also lightweight and compact which makes easy storage and portability. This lamp is stylish and cool which makes the great choice to have in the room.

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