Top 10 Best Curtain Ring Hooks Reviews in 2018

If you purchase a shower curtain liner and yet don’t receive ring hooks to hang the curtain over a rod, then it is a must to buy extra curtain ring hooks. The hooks are a type of detachable rings that users can attach other items with them. Although they seem simple, they are very useful and you won’t be able to install the curtain without them. Knowing they will be a part of the decoration in your bathroom, the curtain ring hooks have many different designs. You can choose your most favorite set.

Buying guideline:

There are a few things that you should know before purchasing the product. First of all, it is about the product’s material because it is important to know if it is durable and long lasting. Second of all, you may choose based on the style. Curtain ring hooks have plenty of designs, sizes, and colors. Third of all, you can count on the quantity of the hooks because you need to have enough ring hooks to hang the curtain.

You can get more information from the text below. It will show you the top 10 best curtain ring hooks reviews in 2018.

1. Amazer Rustproof Stainless Steel Shower Curtain Rings Hooks

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Since it is the product that you use in the shower, it is essential to be endurable to water. This curtain ring hook set is rustproof which enables years of usage. The main material of it is stainless steel and due to the dazzling nickel finish, the hook is shining and corrosion-free. Actually, there are 12 pieces of ring hooks in the set. Each of them has five small balls as decoration and to provide stability on a rod.

2. T O K G O 40-pack Black Matte Metal Curtain Rings with Clips

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If the hooks are too hard to open, it might be difficult for you to use them. Therefore, these curtain ring hooks have a unique style. Instead of round close mouth, they use clips so that you can insert and hang any pieces of cloth. Purchasing this product, you will receive 40 pieces of ring hooks. Amazingly, each piece has a 1-inch diameter and can handle up to 5 pounds.

3. AGPtek® 12 PCS Fashion Decorative Home Bathroom Seashell Shower Curtain Hooks

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Beautifully, this product is decorative and beneficial. There are 12 pieces of curtain ring hooks which have seashell, starfish and conch designs. As a result, you can turn your bathroom into an ocean version. They are made of durable metal together with enamel finish to resist rust. You can use them to hang on a rod having the diameter from 22mm up to 30 mm. 

4. Creative Scents Shower Curtain Hooks

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Easy to use and elegant, this is a rustproof curtain ring hook set. You will get 12 of curtain ring hooks that have pearl design. There is no closure for you to open and disclose so you won’t have to spend much effort on it. The product provides you ultimate convenience as you can easily glide a curtain liner into the hook heads. And it is also effortless to dangle the hooks on a rod.

5. Hermosa Collection Luxury Hotel Quality Shower Curtain Hooks

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It is another beautiful decorative curtain ring hook product. It has a silver chrome finish which guarantees durability and non-corrosion. You can clean it thoroughly with a piece of wet damp cloth to keep its shining. There are 12 hooks and have S-shaped design. Although the hooks are easy to assemble on a rod, they need to be used with curtains that fit with them.

6. Nikkouware Easy Install Rustproof Shower Curtain Hooks

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You can use this type of ring hook with both straight and curved curtain rod. It is a big set of curtain ring hooks consisting of 12 pieces of non-corrosion stainless steel. To add more effective and protection over rusting, they have oil rubbed bronze. At the same time, they have the bronze color for better visual. They have hook clasp closure so you can disclose and insert the liner.

7. Wimaha Rustproof Shower Curtain Rings, Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Roller Double Glide

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Let’s meet this glide style curtain ring hook package of 12. The special feature about these hooks is that they have double sides so you can either use each side or both to hang more than one curtain liners. Since they have a half-round design, it is very convenient for you to attach the hooks on a curtain rod. Plus, for great sturdiness, they use stainless steel material.

8. Amazer Shower Curtain Hooks Rings Double Shower Curtain Rings

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Similarly, this product has two glide sides that you can select which one you want to use. The core material of this product is stainless steel for better durability and long-lasting. Alongside, they have chrome polish so that they won’t have corrosion and yet enhance smooth and sparkling appearance. The hooks have 1.4 inches diameter so you may find the suitable rod.

9. AmazonBasics 1" Curtain Clip Ring, Set of 7

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You can get to use this product in two ways. Since the seven ring hooks come as circle rings with hanging clips, you might use the rings alone or together with the clips. They are made of steel having a bronze finish to fight against corrosion. They can handle heavy curtain liners very well for each ring can hold up to 3 pounds. Hence, you can expect wonderful benefits from them.

10. Hotop 24 Packs Plastic Shower Curtain Rings Hooks Bathroom Shower

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Enough of metal and stainless steel curtain ring hooks, you may want this lightweight plastic product. There are 24 pieces in the package which you can get to use ultimately. They have C-shape so it is easy to insert a curtain liner in and hang these hooks on a rod. Furthermore, they have silicone rubber material as well that provides flexibility for you can bend them with ease.

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