Top 10 Best Couple Sleeping Bags Reviews in 2018

When vacation comes, the first activity pops up in your mind is probably camping. It is a nice outdoor thing you can do with your friends, family and of course your beloved person. So if you are going to camp, there is something that you cannot forget or leave behind which is none other than a sleeping bag. In case you are together with your partner, the couple sleeping bag is here. You don’t have to carry two separates. You can spend sweet and warm time together in the green atmosphere.

Buying guideline:

There are certain tips for you to consider before purchasing any couple sleeping bags. First of all, you have to know about the materials of the bags whether they are tough and comfortable to sleep in. Second of all, it is good to know temperature ratings if they can keep you warm. Third of all, you can consider the weight of the products as you have to carry them.

So to guide you until the end, this article will bring the top 10 best couple sleeping bags reviews in 2018.

1. Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag for Backpacking

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You will love this waterproof and lightweight couple sleeping bag. This sleeping bag is made of strong grade polyester fabric and textile and cotton liner which offers ultimate cozy for cold climate. Interestingly, you will receive two travel pillows so that you can sleep peacefully and soundly. As for weight, it is only 3 lbs and you can fold it into a carrying bag after use.

2. Grizzly by Black Pine 2-Person Sleeping Bag

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Welcome to this comfortable sleeping bag for two people. It has dimensions of 90 inches in length and 65 inches in width. The sleeping bag has a zipper closure so you can cover yourself well and easily. Due to the high-grade materials of cotton duck canvas and ripstop polyester, it is suitable for weather temperature from minus 25 to 25 Fahrenheit. You will surely feel the warmth.

3. Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag 2 Pillows A Carrying Bag

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This black double sleeping bag is a great item allowing you and your partner sharing the space and sleep soundly together. It has dual layers to provide the warm condition. For instance, the outer fabric is polyester which is durable to rough ground, while the inner material is cotton filling so that you can sleep on a thick and cozy mattress. It also offers two compact pillows and a storage bag.

4. WellaX Double Sleeping Bag for Camping, Backpacking or Hiking

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Wonderfully, it is like a dual benefit sleeping bag. You can use it as a large sleeping bag for two adults spend the night together. At the same time, you are also able to detach this bag and divide it into two separate items so you can have private space if you like. It has a high-quality polyester shell which is waterproof and durable and you don’t have to worry about tearing.

5. Aircee 2 Person Queen Size Flannel Liner Double Sleeping Bag Pillows

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Lying on this couple sleeping bag is like on a soft and thin mattress. You will enjoy the night despite extremely cold weather up to minus 10 degree Celsius. It is due to the high-quality materials of microfiber flannel insulation and hallow cotton that can keep warmth inside the sleeping bag. Besides, there are two rounded pillows for comfortable rest.  You can separate it into two single sleeping bags as well.

6. Wildhorn King Cove 30°F Premium Double Sleeping Bag

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Interestingly, it is a washable couple sleeping bag which has huge size as its width is 72 inches and length is 86 inches. Similarly, you can convert it into two singles so it will be a beneficial camping bed. As mentioned, it has a comfortable liner which protects you even under the cold weather at minus 1 Celsius and you can remove the liner and wash in the machine.

7. DreamGenius Sleeping Bag Envelope Lightweight Comfort With Compression Sack

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It is definitely a travel couple sleeping bag. There are two small pillows and a carrying bag in the package. Hence, it is perfect for portability to everywhere. In addition, this sleeping bag is made of a polyester shell for the waterproof and textile combination of Tetron and cotton liner for ultimate soft and comfy. You can sleep well even the outside weather is minus 10 degree Celsius.

8. Outdoorsman Lab Double Sleeping Bag

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Another detachable sleeping bag is here. To be specific, there is a zipper line in the middle of this large double sleeping bag which you can separate and use as two singles. This product has two external pillows so you won’t have to use alternative items like towels. The sleeping bag is designed to be tough and comfortable as it can give a warm embrace to you at the temperature of 37 degrees Fahrenheit.

9. Winterial Double Mummy Sleeping Bag, Camping, Backpacking, Warm

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Having a cute style like the mummy, this couple sleeping bag is fluffy and thick giving the feeling of a comfy cushion. You can use this product for all weather conditions even winter and summer. The reason is it uses good materials such as water resistant and durable shell and micro polyester lining. So it is a true ideal for outdoor. Rather than pillows, it has the unique design that gives two hoods.

10. KingCamp Queen Size Sleeping Bag

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It is the last recommended product on the list. This best couple sleeping bag is easy to use for both expanding and folding. Additionally, the total size of it is 87 inches in length and 59 inches in width. It is good under cold condition dropping to minus 3 degree Celsius. It weighs about 6 lbs so it might be a little heavy but it is worth to put effort. There are internal pockets where you can put personal items like phones or keys.

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