Top 8 Best Camera UV Filters Reviews in 2018

When it comes to high resolution pictures, you need to have the best camera UV filters for your cameras. No matter if it is DSLR cameras or SLR cameras, the filters are great for all. It is just a lightweight device that makes it easy for you to capture professional quality images and videos. It is easy to use and take care of, just the perfect reasons for you to have. More than this, most filters come with great price that every camera owners can afford. Check out the best of them down here and select your most favorite.

1. Variable Neutral Density Filter by Tiffen: 77mm

With thin profile ring, this camera filter is easy to use and store while bringing style to you at the same time. It comes with winder outer optic that helps reduce vignetting at wide angles, and it offers up to 2-8 stops of light control. Since it is made of high quality optical glass, this filter is both durable and high quality for long term use. It has 2 colors for you to choose between black and gray.

2. Professional Lens Filter Kit by Goja: 58mm

Comes in a kit, there are 3 lens filters along with carry pouch for super convenient use for you. The 3 filters are ultraviolet, circular polarizer, and fluorescent. That makes very easy for you to use your camera in different situations and lighting. These filters are compatible with most Canon cameras and other cameras with 58 mm lens. Apart from the filters and carry pouch, the set also has tulip lens hood, cap keep leash, and cleaning cloth as well. There are other sizes that you can select among 52 mm, 55 mm, and 67 mm.

3. Complete Full Color Lens Filter Set by Neewer: 58 mm

If 3 color filters above is not what you want, you might want to take a look at this. With full color filters, there are 9 of them in this kit including red, orange, blue, yellow, green, brown, purple, pink, and gray. Each filter is made from high quality metal glass construction which makes them extremely solid and lightweight. These full color filters will give complete color transition that creates smooth blending effect. That means your landscape and other photo shoots will get just the perfect mood and color the way it should.

4. UV Protectioin Lens Filter by AmazonBasics: 55 mm

If you are looking for the best UV protection filter for everyday use, this is the perfect one. This filter is made to help reduces ultraviolet light in order to eliminate bluish cast in photos you take. Also, its job is to protect your camera lens from dust, dirt, and scratches as well which is super great. It is ideal for outdoor photography, and it has other sizes that you can choose from 52 to 82 mm.

5. UV Protection Filter by Tiffen: 72mm

The different thing between this filter and the one from the very first is the size. The quality and function of the filters are just the same. This one is made to provide basic reduction of UV light while eliminating bluish cast in images. It is durable and easy to use, and it has other sizes available that you can choose to match your camera.

6. Ultraviolet Lens Filter by Vivitar: 55 mm

Here is the filter that works effectively when it comes to ultraviolet rays removal and absorbent. With it, you can trust that your natural light pictures will be sharper, crisper, and better balanced. From now on, you will be able to capture incredible images no matter where you go with ease. This lens filter will also protect your lens from dust and scratches while providing correctional benefits for UV light. This lens filter is perfect for mountain and marine scenes photograph.

7. Neutral Density Filter by Breakthrough Photography: 95 mm

This is the perfect filter that provides the sharpest and most color neutral to your photography. Its job is to maintain controlled and flat transmission to deliver perfect color in the photos. More than this, it can also reduce lens flare and ghosting while protect the camera lens at the same time. It keeps the filer anti-scratch, water repellent, and oil and dust resistant. This filter comes with many sizes for different cameras rank from 39 mm to 105 mm.

8. Circular Polarizer Glass Filter by Altura Photo: 67 mm

With reflective technology, this filer simply blocks and prevents certain light rays that cause reflection and glare for you. That makes your photos have more vibrant and natural look effectively. On top of that, you can see the effect through the viewfinder and you can change the effect with a simple rotation. This filter is satisfaction guaranteed, and it also has other sizes available as well from 40.5 mm to 82 mm.

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