Top 10 Best Camera Backpacks Reviews in 2018

When it comes to trips and adventures, photographers know they need to have best quality camera backpacks with them. That makes things way easier to keep their cameras and accessories safe in place as they travel. Camera backpacks have a lot of advantages that everyone should know. First, it protects your cameras from drops or water since it has special compartments for cameras. Second, it makes it easy for photographers to bring the whole camera sets neatly in one backpack. Not to mention camera backpacks are stylish and durable to use. So if you are looking for one or two, the high quality camera backpacks are here.

Below is list top 10 best camera backpacks reviews in 2018:

1. Backpack for SLR/DSLR Cameras by AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics always brings you the products that you can trust, and this camera backpack is one of them. Its features are:

  • It can holds and protects 2 small camera in one backpack perfectly
  • It has extra compartments and pockets that you can store lenses and other accessories
  • It it made from high quality and durable material for long term use
  • Its classic black color is perfect for any occasions no matter where you go
  • The price is simply perfect for the backpack with quality this great

2. Padded Camera Backpack by G-Raphy

If you prefer something smaller just enough to hold your cameras, lenses, and accessories, this is it. Its features are:

  • The backpack is waterproof
  • It has adjustable padded dividers that you can separate each items nicely and neatly
  • Its compartment is enough to store a camera, a few lenses, accessories, and a tablet/laptop
  • The backpack is stylish and lightweight which is easy for you to use.
  • It is durable and made to last
  • Colors and sizes are also available for you to choose
  • The price is below $50, so this backpack is considerable

3. Camera Backpack by Altura Photo

In case you travel a lot to hunt for photographs, this backpack can hold everything important for you. Its features are:

  • One compartment, multiple dividers for a camera, a few lenses, and other accessories
  • Side pocket to hold a tripod or monopod
  • It has additional pocket that you can store a tablet or laptop up to 14 inches
  • The backpack is tough and weather resistant which protects everything inside perfectly
  • It has choices for your preference of using: shoulder travel bag, light traveler backpack, the wanderer backpack, etc.
  • For a backpack that can hold multiple items like this, the price is worth it

4. Camera Backpack by Vivitar

This is the backpack that you can use to store DSLR camera, lens, and accessories. The size is not too big which is ideal for photographers who don’t like bulky backpack. Its features are:

  • You can store a camera, a few lenses, and other accessories
  • It has padded dividers will separate every item and protect them inside securely
  • The compartments simply fit great with the camera and lenses
  • The backpack itself is lightweight and sturdy which is durable for long term use
  • Extra strap on the side for tripod storage
  • The price is acceptable if you prefer a small size backpack like this one

5. Extra Large Camera Backpack by Evecase

This backpack is the perfect choice for traveling photographers since it has multiple compartments for extra storage. The extra large size is also great for loads of storage as well. Its features are:

  • Convertible: You can unzip the middle compartment and turn this camera backpack into a travel bag
  • It has the compartment that fits a laptop or tablet with size up to 15.6 inches
  • The padded shoulder strap allows for extra comfort even if you are carrying heavy materials
  • The backpack has accessory pockets, tripod holder straps, and roomy compartment
  • It comes with rain cover to protect both the backpack and everything in case the weather changes
  • I would suggest you buy this backpack if you travel a lot with your cameras. The extra large size will be great and helpful along the way.

6. Laptop Backpack by Victoriatourist

And if you only travel with a camera, then this backpack might be the right one for you. I know a lot of students out there who love to bring their camera along with them. With a backpack like this, you will have just the perfect compartment for the camera and more space for other stuffs. Its features are:

  • The camera compartment is removable which you can use as either camera mini bag or casual backpack
  • It has extra compartment that can hold a laptop with screen up to 15 inches with protection
  • The backpack has pockets for pens, phones, and other small gadgets
  • It is comfortable and easy to use with the padded straps and back
  • The backpack is also water resistant, and it even has rain cover in the bottom pouch for extra protection
  • You can use this backpack for years, so the price is average if you consider the quality and durability

7. DSLR and Laptop Backpack by AmazonBasics

Another cool backpack from AmazonBasics comes with the design of colorful interior that you can choose. It also has more features as well including:

  • Movable dividers that you can customize for optimal storage
  • Both internal and external dimensions are roomy and convenient to use
  • It comes with size strap that you can bring tripods and other accessories with you
  • The backpack can carry 2 cameras, a few lenses, a laptop, and more accessories
  • Under $50 is the perfect price, and this backpack is also a number 1 selling as well

8. DSLR Camera Backpack by Acuvar

If you just go to nearby places to capture beautiful photos, then you might need this backpack. It has just the right compartment with right dividers for a short trip in town. Its features are:

  • It can hold 2 cameras along with a few lenses and other accessories
  • The dividers are thick and customizable which is easy for you to adjust the items inside with ease
  • The backpack comes with a rain cover that can protect the whole backpack in case it rains
  • It is strong, durable yet lightweight which is simple comfortable to carry around as you walk
  • Even the price is ideal to pay for, you won’t regret the choice

9. DSLR and SLR Camera Backpack by Abonnyc

Besides quality, style is also important which is why you might want to check this backpack out. I can image a man holding a camera with this cool backpack behind his back while taking photos. If you think you like it, here are its features:

  • The backpack can hold a DSLR camera, 4-6 lenses, and more accessories
  • There are 8 removable and adjustable Velcro taped cushions for you to customize the items
  • It has side strap that you can bring a tripod or other gears
  • It is the backpack that has stylish and durable design that will last for years
  • It is also waterproof as well
  • The quality and style is definitely worth the price, you really should have it

10. SLR Camera Backpack by Case Logic

You can go for the simple and classic backpack here if you prefer a casual look. The features of this backpack are below:

  • It can hold a camera with zoom lens, and more accessories
  • It also has extra space for a tablet or laptop up to 17 inches as well
  • The base is waterproof which is simply great for any weather
  • The backpack is has sturdy platform that simply stands on its own
  • It has strap that simply secure everything inside
  • There are accessory pockets on the side for phones, chargers, and other storage
  • Side strap for extra tripod storage
  • The design is made to worth the price, you can trust this


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