Top 7 Best Beach Sunscreens Reviews in 2018

To make sure your beautiful skin becomes tan nicely, you should have best quality beach sunscreen with you. Choosing the right sunscreen while sunbathing makes your skin healthy and protected. With these incredible sunscreen options here, you don’t have to worry about sunburn anymore. Tanned body that is nicely and evenly is exactly what you want for summer. The best part is most sunscreen also protects your body from UV rays that are harmful to your skin. Stay beautiful and healthy, that must be the best summer ever. Check out these amazing sunscreen here and select a few bottles for your skin this vacation.

Below is list Top 7 Best Beach Sunscreens Reviews in 2018:

1. Beach Defense Sunscreen SPF 70 by Neutrogena

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Forget about the hot days that you are about to go through because this sunscreen is here to protect your skin. With SPF 70, this lotion makes perfect protector to your skin. It can shield you from both water and sun which is great for you to avoid sunburn. The bottle has about 6.7 ounce of the cream which is just the ideal amount to apply for summer.

2. Natural Sunscreen by Sunblocz

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With organic formula, this sunscreen is 100% natural and is absolutely perfect for you skin. It is water resistant which means you can enjoy swimming for more than an hour without getting sunburned. Since the sunscreen is great with both quality and price, I think it makes an ideal choice to choose.

3. Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion by Sun Bum

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Sun Bum has invented this awesome body sunscreen with protection of SPF 50. Since it is oil free, gluten free, and vegan, the sunscreen is perfect for both adult and children. Even if you have sensitive skin, you can also use the lotion to protect your skin conveniently as well. The sunscreen itself is water and sweat resistant for 80 minutes, isn’t it great for some swimming? It is a good quality sunscreen that comes with acceptable price, simply great product.

4. Sensitive Sunscreen by Blue Lizard

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Here we have an absolutely incredible sunscreen that comes with both technology and skin protection. The lotion is safe to use for any skin type when it comes to summer and sunny days. The best part is the bottle has smart technology when harmful UVA rays are present. That means you will be able to know easily when to apply the sunscreen on your body. And the even best part is that its price is super great for something with quality this high.

5. Balm Lavender Sunscreen Cream by Badger

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This sunscreen is invented with broad spectrum protection that protect your skin for harmful rays. It is natural, organic, and it also has relaxing scent which is perfect for sunbathing as well. You can also enjoy swimming in the sea since the sunscreen is water resistant up to 40 minutes. Summer will be fun, and you will begin a new season with perfectly tanned skin.

6. Sport Performance Lotion by Banana Boat

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In case you want to spend your summer holiday somewhere else, this travel size sunscreen is perfect. Having one bottle of this will be enough for the whole summer for the protection of your skin. The lotion is non-greasy, and it is also water and sweat resistant. With it, you will be able to an incredible vacation with safe skin no matter where you travel to.

7. Safe Sunscreen For Kids by Thinkbaby

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Small kids and babies can also have fun at the beach without getting sunburned as well. This is the amazing sunscreen that protects the kids from harmful UV rays as they play under the sun. The lotion is organic, natural, and free of any harmful chemicals that affect the child’s skin. It has SPF 50+ protection, and it the number 1 best seller sunscreen that you should have.

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