Top 10 Best Bathroom Drill Brush Reviews

When you want to clean the whole household, it takes a lot of effort and time. Sometimes, you spend almost a day scrubbing the floor in a kitchen, bathroom, and so on; yet, it results in an uncompleted cleaning. There are still stains and molds on the edges of the floor. So what you should do now is instead of hands, it is better to use a drill with a brush attachment. The bathroom drill brush will contribute greatly to cleaning tiles and floors. You will be able to get shining rooms.

Buying guideline:

In order to get the right product, you have to consider a few things about it beforehand. First of all, you should choose the brush that fits your drill screw or else you won’t be able to use it. Second of all, it is about the quality of the product. You can think of the size and materials. Third of all, some drill brushes have different functions such as some for glass, some for stones, etc.

All in all, you will get to know more information from the text below. It is going to present the top 10 best bathroom drill brushes reviews in 2018.

1. Drillbrush Bathroom Surfaces Tub, Shower, Tile, and Grout All Purpose

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Let this scrubber kit do the hard work for you. You just need to hold the drill and decide which areas to clean up. Actually, this product contains three brushes having different size and shape, but they are made from nylon bristles. So they will last longer and offer flawless scrubbing against all tiles and floors even baseboards, fiberglass, and porcelain. They are suitable with most drills with ¼ inch shaft. 

2. Power Scrubber Drill Brush Attachment Set for Cleaning

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You will get four attachments from this nylon bathroom drill brush set to use for all purposes. For instance, they have diverse shape and size so that you can clean toilets, floor, tile, bathtub and also carpet. Since they all have a quarter shaft so it is no problem to find a drill fitting with this brush set. You won’t be exhausted and spend many hours in a bathroom anymore.

3. SIQUK 3 Pieces Scrub Brush Drill Attachment Kit

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This is also a bathroom drill brush set coming with three pieces. They are around brush having 2 inches diameter, a 4 inches round brush and a 3.5 inches cone brush. You can use either of them for different purposes. Moreover, they are easy to install on a drill either cordless or corded as they have shafts of 0.25 inch so you just have to attach one brush to the screw drill.

4. Cooptop Bathroom & Kitchen Cleaning Drill Brush Set

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You may worry about scratching when cleaning with tough brushes. But this product guarantees non-scratch quality since they will offer six nylon scrub pads. The pads have the same size so you can interchange with another one after the others wore out. Besides, you will receive a Velcro backing pad and a universal steel shaft to ensure that the product will fit most drills. 

5. Drill Brush Soft Bristle White Quick Change Shaft

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Although coming alone, this is a drill brush product which has soft bristles of nylon. It is truly durable and long lasting. You are able to use it to clean more than tough surfaces; actually, it is possible to use it on carpet and leather. You can even practice it on your vehicle as well. For more information, this brush has 4 inches diameter and 7/8 inch of bristle length.

6. New Quick Change Shaft 3 Pack Soft White Drill Brush

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Like the previous product, it also enhances ultra-soft and yet firm bristles which are able to work on carpet, leather, furniture, and so on. The material of the bristles is nylon. There are three professional brushes included in the package; one is 2 inches, one is 4 inches and another one is 5 inches. Therefore, you can use the smallest one on narrow surfaces or the largest one on the floor.

7. 1st Place Bathroom & Kitchen Power Scrub Pad Cleaning Kit

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Rather than bristle brushes, this product provides nylon scrubbing pads so that they won’t leave any marks or scratches. Each pad has two sides so you may make beneficial usages from them. There are about nine pieces in the set; for instance, seven of them are cleaning pads, and one is Velcro backed panel and another one is the standard shaft. You can clean and polish your house with them.

8. Wire Brush Alternative. 5 Inch Round Black Ultra-Stiff Masonry and Bricklayer Brush

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If there are many stubborn stains remain on a bathroom wall, floor, sink and more, you can easily get rid of them by using this durable ultra-stiff drill brush. Furthermore, the brush has 5 inches in diameter and 1-inch bristles made of nylon. It has a hex shaft of 5/16 inch. This bathroom drill brush will take all responsibility to turn any dirty spots into shinning and hygienic states.

9. New Quick Change Shaft Shower, Tub, and Tile Power Scrubber Brush by Drillbrush

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Buying this product, you will receive two best bathroom drill brushes. Two of them are made from durable nylon bristles, but they are different. One is for flat surfaces and another is to clean deep and narrow spots. All in all, they can work on varieties of the surface such as a fiberglass tub, shower stall, sink, tile, baseboard, and more. They fit all cordless drills and impact drivers.

10. Drill Brush Power Scrubber Attachments - Bathroom Kitchen Cleaning Supplies

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This is the last recommended sturdy drill brush set. You can use it to clean bathroom and kitchen, furniture instead of using your hands. It has many items in the set; in total, there is a red stiff deck brush, a white soft scrub brush, a yellow medium stiffness corner brush, and three more red scrub pads. It is amazing that the product gives multi-types of the brush to use on soft and hard surfaces.

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