Top 10 Best Baby Musical Toys Reviews in 2018

One of the best toys for babies are the ones that come with music or baby musical toys. These types of toys have different sound effects, music, and songs that can accompany your kids during their play. The music can also help small kids to learn and practice as well. While some toys instrument allow the kids to play enjoyably like guitars, drums, or pianos. There are many ways to discover babies’ talents, so let’s begin the discovery with music! Musical toys are fun, safe, and easy to for babies to play with, so why not? If you interested in musical toys for your babies, these are some best toys recommend for you.

1. Take Along Tunes Musical Toy by Baby Einstein

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 With 7 baby friendly classical melodies, this musical toy makes the best companion to your baby. It comes with the colorful and easy to grasp caterpillar handle that is simply attractive and funny for the baby. This toy makes a great inspiration of auditory and music appreciation to the young ones. They can also control the volume with the off, low, and high volume switch easily. This musical toy is fun and safe for little kids to play which is the great toy to have for them.

2. KidiBeats Kids Drum Set by Vtech

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 Comes with 3 drum pads and cymbal, this drum set makes great start of music for kids. The toddlers can play along to 9 melodies in different styles including rock, dance, and pop. There are 4 modes that they can choose such as free play, letters, numbers, and follow-along. This drum set does not only teach music but also letters and numbers. The set is colorful, and each drum features a unique LED light that brings great fun to the kids.

3. Touch and Swipe Baby Phone by Vtech

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 Look! It is a touchscreen phone! Yes, this is a unique touchscreen phone that is specially designed for kids to play with and learn. There are 12 light-up pretend apps including calendar, clock, and weather. These apps respond to the kid’s touch and light up just like a real phone. There are also 15 melodies and other different phrases as well as sing along songs to entertain the kids. That way, kids can learn how to sing ABC, and count numbers, or even start their first words!

4. Rhyme and Discover Book by Vtech

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 Books are always the greatest beginning of education for people of all age. But for kids, you need something that is more interesting like this book here. For kids from 12 to 18 months, this rhyme and discover book provokes social skills, shapes, and colors to them. There are 6 bright pages that contain melodies, songs, sounds, and phrases for your child to learn along. This book is just great.

5. Band-in-a-Box Musical Instrument Set by Melissa & Doug

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 Here are 10 different musical instruments that get your kids moving, grooving, and having fun. The various instruments bring a wide range of sounds that they will enjoy playing. What they will get are tambourine, cymbals, maracas, clacker, tone blocks, and a triangle. These instruments will surely bring fun and allow your kids to create their own tone music as well. The instruments are colorful, durable, and fun to play which makes great choice for the kids.

6. Musical Rainbow Tea Set by LeapFrog Enterprises

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 Who’s up for a tea party? Well, this is the fun tea party set that keep your kids company with fun and joy. The toys here light up in 6 magical colors and play different 7 tea-time songs for your babies. The fun thing is they can play and learn about colors, counting, matching, manners, and more at the same time.

7. Little Apps Tablet by Vtech

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 We have drums and other instruments up there, but here is another important instrument, the piano. With shape and size of the tablet, it features color changing screen along with letter buttons, and piano keyboard. There are 12 learning activities with progressive learning levels that this tablet provides to the kids. They can learn music, letters, singing, and more from time to time. This tablet is safe and fun to play, and of course the kids will never get bored with it.

8. Sing and Play Farm by LeapFrog Enterprises

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 Kids love animals, and this sing and play farm here will bring endless joy and fun to them. This toy allows the kids to push buttons, turn keys, flip switches, and explore with 5 interactive areas, and more. They will learn about animal names and sounds, colors, rhythm, melodies, and many other things. It is interesting, enjoyable, and fun for kids to play and learn at the same time. I believe they will learn a lot from this little educational farm.

9. Laugh & Learn Singing Soccer Ball by Fisher-Price

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 A ball that sings makes impressive and fun thing for kids to play and interact with. This colorful ball simply encourages learning to your kids through active play with 3 interactive play modes. With it, your kids can learn about words, music, and have their own imagination as well. Just shake or roll this soft ball, and the music and fun sounds will be activated. When you’re busy, this ball can teach your kids numbers, counting, colors, opposites, sportsmanship, and more.

10. Spin and Learn Color Flashlight by Vtech

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 Even a simple flashlight can brings your kids some basic education as they grow. This flashlight features exciting songs and music that teach about animals, colors, and numbers. The cute ladybug button right there activates sound and interacts with the child with fun. It is the special flashlight that comes with over 50 sing-along songs, music, sounds, and fun phrases for the kids. Playing with every day, the kids will start to remember and make sound, I hope you’re ready for their first word!

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