Top 10 Best Automatic Hand Dryers in 2018 Reviews

You may have seen a lot of places such as restaurants, office buildings, even schools now are using automatic hand dryers. The best automatic hand dryer has many benefits for its functions and provides convenient experiences to users as well. You may want one of it too to use in your household or for commercial. The machine will save cost from purchasing endless paper towels. Therefore, it protects the environment also. There won’t be wastes and mess in the restroom. It works quickly to dry your wet hands, or you can dry soaked clothes or other objects.

Buying guideline:

Before purchasing this product, you should think carefully. There are a few tips to look for a great hand dryer. Firstly, you should choose the product that has high speed which works fast and saves energy at the same time. Secondly, it is essential to determine a durable and long-lasting machine based on its materials and motors. Thirdly, some products produce loud noise which creates noise pollution, so it is better to get a quiet one.

You will get more ideas from the text below with the top 10 best automatic hand dryers in 2018 reviews.

1. Alpine Hazel Automatic Hand Dryer

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When it comes to the motored machine, it is nothing better than a low-noise device. Like this Alpine automatic hand dryer, it will produce ultra-quiet performance with a fast speed of hot air. So users won’t have to stand and wait for extended minutes. Also, it has an anti-microbial and bacterial operation. The hand dryer has stainless steel and polycarbonate construction to offer great sturdiness and non-corrosion.

2. TCBunny Hand Dryer for Commercial Bathroom

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Meet this waterproof automatic hand dryer product that you can purchase for commercial purposes. This product will provide quick and powerful results for it has a wind speed of 200 mph with temperature range from 113 Fahrenheit to 149 Fahrenheit. Hence, it takes only 10 seconds to blow off water from your hands. The sensor will sense motion and start the operation with distance around 5 inches.

3. PENSON & CO. Super Quiet Automatic Electric Hand Dryer

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Wonderfully, it is the best seller quiet automatic hand dryer that you can get for personal or commercial use. This electric hand dryer is sanitary because it contains high-efficiency absorber filter which blocks bacteria from coming along with the air blow so that your hands will dry hygienically. Moreover, the airspeed is 95 meters per second to ensure quick dry that takes only 10 seconds.

4. Blue Storm High-Speed Hand Dryer by Palmer Fixture

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Due to the sensitive sensor, it will start producing hot air when the hands come near, and once hands reach out the limited distance, it will immediately shut off. So it can save a lot of energy. Also, it has high-speed performance that spends only 10 to 15 seconds to dry hands thoroughly. Having stainless steel construction, this electric hand dryer will last, and it gives you a 5-year warranty.

5. World Dryer L-971 SLIMdri Surface Mounted ADA Compliant Automatic Hand Dryer

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You can trust the quality and durability of this aluminum brushed chrome automatic hand dryer. The machine has metal construction, but it won’t rust when interacting with water. It works with a frequency of 60 Hz and 950 watts. Furthermore, it has strong speed motor which is 13000 RPM to produce an air flow of 70 cubic feet per minute. For the air heat, it will rise 48 Fahrenheit above the ambient temperature.

6. Awoco Heavy Duty Automatic High-Speed Commercial Hand Dryer

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This Awoco automatic hand dryer is convenient to mount and great to use. You will receive everything in a set such as Allen wrench and power cord with plug to assist smooth installation. It will provide hot air that safe for everyone with the temperature range from 68 to 104 Fahrenheit. Because of the fast speed, it takes only 7 to 10 seconds to dry wet hands. However, in one run, it can blow for 45 seconds.

7. Alpine Hemlock Automatic Hand Dryer

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With such elegant design, this lightweight hand dryer contains a powerful brush motor of 25000 rpm that offers potential performance. For instance, it will spend only 10 seconds to dry wet hands so there won’t be traffic in the restroom. The machine has a smart motion sensor which only operates when hands are near the sensor, and it will also turn off automatically after 63 seconds.

8. Excel Dryer XLERATOReco XL-BW-ECO Hand Dryer

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This product will ensure cost-saving for you. It is a commercial automatic hand dryer which can save up to 95% of the budget spending on paper towels. It uses only 500 watts and with a responsive sensor that turns the power off immediately if there is no motion. This white hand dryer has a metal housing and casts zinc alloy to resist corrosion and fragility. It will last for years.

9. XLERATOR XL-W Automatic High-Speed Hand Dryer

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Interestingly, this best hand dryer has noise reduction nozzle that cuts down the noise level up to 9 decibels. Hence, it will operate quietly and won’t disturb anyone. Besides, this product also has high-velocity air stream to blow dry about 10 -15 seconds only. You will save times and money for replacing this electric hand dryer with tissues. Buying this product, you will receive one year warranty.

10. ASIALEO 1350W High-Speed Hand Dryer

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Here is the last recommended high-speed automatic hand dryer product. It has low-noise operation too which produces sound fewer than 72 decibels. Thus, it is not sound pollution. Plus, the brush motor of 25000 RPM will give ultimate fast hands dry that takes only 10 seconds along with air temperature of 40 Celsius. Due to the compact size and functions, it is suitable for commercial, and household uses.

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