Top 10 Best Airpod Cases Reviews in 2019

For iPhone owners, having a pair of airpod to use is normal. Listening with wireless earphones can make you convenient and luxurious. As the airpod is expensive and compact, you need to take a good care of it or else it will be broken easily. One method to protect this additional device to your iPhone is putting the airpod in a case. It is airpod case made to be sturdy to prevent device inside from dust, water and damages due to fall or crush. The case is convenient to carry with too.

Buying guideline:

You should consider a few things about the product before deciding to buy it. First of all, you need to choose a product that made from durable materials and is able to protect the device greatly. Second of all, it is about its design and color because the case will become a decoration among your belongings. Third of all, you can decide based on additional features of the case; such as waterproof cover, hanging clip, and so on.

You can check these top 10 best airpod cases reviews in 2019.

1. AhaStyle Premium Silicone Case

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You will be assured since your precious airpod will be under strict and secure protection. It is a premium airpod case that has silicone rubber cover to resist shock when you accidentally drop the case. Also, it can protect itself from the water. This product has a half-open entrance so that user can easily access to the case with one hand and won’t be afraid of losing the cap. It comes with a carabiner.

2. Airpods Case - Filoto Airpods Silicone Case

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You will gain many benefits from this high-quality airpod case. The case contains a premium silicone cover that protects the case and airpods inside securely from shock and crush. Moreover, it provides an airpod strap working as a grip to hold both airpods and prevent slipping. There is a carabiner clip and a super cute fluffy ball keychain so that you can take it as a decoration.

3. AirPods Case 7 In 1 Airpods Accessories Kits

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Wonderfully, there is a strap attaching both airpods for your convenient usage in this best airpod case. The strap is elastic that wraps around your neck so that stable you can do exercises like running or cycling with the airpods listening music. You will receive more items including airpod ear hook grips, straps, clips, and tips. They will assist and make your lifestyle better and modern.

4. PodSkinz AirPods Case Protective Silicone Cover

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Slim and lightweight can describe this protective airpod case. The black case has ergonomic design that resists slippery so you can hold on to it. Interestingly, there is a charging port at the bottom of the case for you can charge the airpods without having to take them out from the case. The lid will protect and block dirt and dust. You can easily carry the case around with a carabiner clip.  

5. Catalyst Premium Quality Waterproof Shock Resistant Case for Apple AirPods

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Meeting another best waterproof airpod case, you will love how it protects the airpods in the most convenient method. For instance, it enables you to access lighting connector and charge the device at ease. More than that, this heavy-duty case is waterproof up to 3.3 feet in the water and can stand up to 6.6 feet of drop test. You can take the silicone shell off as well.

6. Airpods Case - BlUEWIND Drop Proof Air Pods Protective Case

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Lovely, it is a drop proof airpod case that is also a keychain. This cute pink case has an attaching clip and ring with a fluffy fur ball that becomes a perfect decorative item. Anyway, this product has another important role which is to protect airpods inside. It can block dust, shock, drop, scratch and even water due to its tight lid and high-quality silicone shell. You will obtain an elastic airpod strap.  

7. Airpods Case Protective Silicone Cover and Skin with Carabiner

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You may consider this compact protective case for Apple airpods. The product is one of the best products which made from high-grade material of silicone. The silicone cover will wrap and protect the device from water and drop. For example, it is fine underwater up to 1 meter, while the drop test is 2 meters. It is durable and easy to use since it has precise charging cable hole and a carabiner for easy portability.

8. AddAcc AirPods Waterproof Case Protective Cover

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You can trust on this product as it is proved to be a heavy-duty protective airpod case. For more information, it is safe underwater for an hour with the limited depth of 6.6 feet and withstands drop-proof test of 6.6 feet as well. In short, it can protect your device from dirt, shock, water, and drop. It is due to premium TPU skin. There is a charging port with a cap to block dust and water.

9. Protective Airpods Case Shock Proof Soft Skin for Airpods

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Having compact size, this yellow shockproof airpod case is convenient to bring with in a pocket. It is 2.5 inches by 0.8 inches large. Furthermore, it is designed to have a charging port; therefore, you do not have to take the earphones off and instead peacefully keep it in the box while charging. Similarly, it also contains a premium silicone which resists slippery, bumps and shock.

10. elago AirPods Duo Case for Apple AirPods

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This is the last recommended airpod case which offers ultimate protection alongside with visual. Purchasing this product, you will receive two interchangeable caps; pink and grey. So you can change its look accordingly. It is made from non-toxic and shockproof silicone material that won’t harm your health as you interact with it daily. It provides a one-year warranty too.

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