8 Best Quality Baby Carrier Slings

A walk around the house or in town with baby is fun when you have the best quality baby carrier slings. There are times when carrying baby for hours hurts or numbs your hand. You cannot carry your baby the whole day or during those hours the whole time. And that is why baby carrier slings help you to ease the carrying baby with a simple handling instead. With baby carrier slings, you can carry your baby in many different ways like backpack or front-facing. The baby stays close to you while you handle them hands-free. It helps creates closer bond as you and your baby stay close to each other which is great. And here are some best choices of them for you.

1. Wrap Cotton Baby Carrier by Moby

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 Made of cotton, this baby carrier is soft on the baby’s body to bring comfort to them all day. This baby carrier uses the entire back and shoulders to distribute the weight as you carry the baby. It has wide piece of fabric to wrap over both shoulders to ease the weight when you walk with the baby. The carrier will surely hold your baby securely and keeps them warm, while you go hands-free. The slate is easy to use, and it comforts your baby with safety and care.

2. Baby Wrap by Boba

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 This cotton baby wrap gives great warmth to the baby as you wrap them in and go out. The wrap has easy front and infant tying styles that suit the way you move as you walk with the baby. This wrap is soft and stretchy which is flexible and conform to your baby’s body. It is easy to clean since you can easily machine wash the wrap anytime. There are many colors and patterns that you can choose base on your preference.

3. 4-in-1 Baby Wrap Carrier by CuddleBug

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You can you the wrap as either the baby wrap pr sling carrier in any way you like to carry your baby. As the baby is in the carrier, you can conveniently breastfeed the baby while using the sling as nursing cover. You can easily tip your wrap tightly around your belly to reduce swelling, support abdominal recovery, and return to your size. The carrier is made of high quality materials to bring your baby the comfort and care as well as bond. To both your and to the baby as you carry them.

4. Sash Wrap and Tie Baby Carrier by Infantino

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 If you want to carry your baby in different ways, try this baby carrier. With the design of high quality cotton and polyester, this carrier is absolutely durable and tough. You can use it to carry your baby as facing-in, hip-hugger, or at the back like a backpack. The carrier also comes with a detachable hood for sun protection and sleepy time. It gives great support and care to your baby.

5. Original Baby Carrier by Baby K’tan

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 The design from 100% breathable cotton, this carrier surely gives all the comfort to your baby. The carrier is simple to use while offering multiple positions for you to choose. The patented double-loop design simply distributes baby’s weight across the shoulder and back, and provides head support to the baby. This carrier is durable that you can use for years, and it comes with many colors and fabrics for you.

6. Classic 3-Position Baby Carrier by Mothers on the Move

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 With 3-in-1 design, you can carry your baby in the front, hip position, or backpack position easily. The carrier has vented window that keeps your baby cool while the soft hood shades the head as they sleep. This baby carrier distributes weight of the baby evenly to put less pressure on your back and shoulder. The carrier here needs to folding or any setting up. Just wear it, and load your baby in, then you can enjoy hands-free handling your baby all day.

7. Baby Carrier for Infants and Toddles by Veenev

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 No matter where you go, this ergonomic baby carrier is always there to bring your baby with you. You can carry your baby in 3 ways including facing in, backpack position, and sling position at different situations. It has a wide lumbar belt and wide shoulder straps that helps distribute baby’s weight evenly. That will relieve pressure from the shoulders and backs as you hold the baby. It comes with removable sleeping hood, washable snap-on close, and cuddle pocket with zippers.

8. Baby Carrier with Hip Seat by Brighter Elements

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 With the unique design of baby and hip seat, this carrier delivers superb quality to both you and the baby. The carrier here is soft and lightweight yet absolutely versatile and comfortable to both your and the child. You can carry your baby in 5 positions including backpack, kangaroo, front facing, and 2 hip sides positions. The carrier is flexible and comfortable to use which brings great comfort no matter how long you carry the baby.

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