7 Best Quality Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Cases

The best quality Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge cases are here for you if you are looking for one. Actually,the phone has just released in late 2016, yet there a lot of users already. You know you need to protect your phone. Well, some users might always drop or bump their phone to the door or other things all the time. However, having the best phone case would help a lot to protect your new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge from scratches. There are different styles and designs of the cases that you can choose. Also, you might like one of the cases in this review, so take a look and select your favorite ones. Below, is every high quality and stylish design phone case that you can choose.

1. Galaxy S7 Edge 7 Full Body Case by Supcase

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 By the design, you can tell that this case gives fully protection to the phone. The case is built for heavy use, and it makes great choice for outdoor activities. It features dual layer, hard shell, and flexible TPU designs that withstands accidental drops, bumps, and shock. This phone case is made of premium soft materials that ensures comfort in hand yet durability to the phone. It comes in 5 colors including black, blue, green, pink, and white.

2. Galaxy S7 Edge Tough Armor Case by Spigen

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 With the construction of military-grade level protection, this tough armor is the incredible protector for your phone. It has the design of dual layer and shock absorbing TPU along with air cushion technology that protects against small drops. This case also has kickstand at the back that allows you to hands-free view video or video call with ease. There are 4 colors choices available for you such as blue coral, black, champagne gold, and gunmetal.

3. Galaxy S7 Edge Classic Case by Caseology

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 The classic design with leather makes this case simply fashionable and cool in hand. The case is made from high grade material and synthetic leather with a scratch-resistant coating and shock-absorbent TPU cover. This case is designed to last, to give full protection, and to provide comfortable grip as you hold it. There are 6 different colors that you can choose to match your style and preference. Get ready to hold your phone with style and elegance now with this case.

4. Galaxy S7 Edge Hybrid Armor Defender Case by E LV

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 Made with quality, this case is built with advanced protection technology to bring superior protection to your S7 Edge. The polycarbonate hard shell and flexible TPU materials of this case offers full protection to the phone from drops and scratches. It fits the phone great, and it offers firm grip in hands as you the phone. 5 colors are available for you to select: black, rose gold, dark blue, mint, and red melon.

5. Galaxy S7 Edge Clear Cover Case by i-Blason

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 If you prefer simple clear case, choose this one. It is not like other ordinary phone cases that you see, this is the case that provides full protection to the phone. The front raised edges of the case will recess your screen to protect it when you place the phone down. While the wraparound shock resistant bumpers protect the phone against any sudden drops and falls with perfection. This case is slim, sleek, and simple yet gives high protection and durability to the phone.

6. Galaxy S7 Edge Flip Folio Wallet Case by Arae

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 Flip case never gets old and that is why it is also here in the list of best phone case here. Flip case gives not only just protection to the whole phone, but also other uses. It has card slots and pockets that allow you to bring your cards and cash along with easily. You can also fold the case to watch video or skype hands-free any time as well. The soft TPU design of this case provides great comfort in hand as you use or hold the phone. There are many colors that you can choose, feel free to pick.

7. Galaxy S7 Edge Protective Case by MagicSky

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 It is always great to add some style to the phone case, especially female owners out there. Why go for plain phone case, when there are some perfect designs here available for you? But let’s talk about the quality first. This case has the design of soft bumper that helps absorb shock combined with stylish rhinestone finish to secure protection. It is made of high quality hard and durable outer plastic, and inner flexible silicone that creates styles. The case is lightweight and it fits great on the phone. There is a variety of choices that you can choose to make your phone looks cooler and more stylish.

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