7 Best Quality Armband Phone Cases

High quality armband phone cases are what you need to have when you play sports and need your phone with you. Armband phone cases are the convenient cases that you can easily use to bring your phone with you during sports. No matter if you run, jog, or ride bicycle, the armband phone case always keeps your phone next to you. So, you can enjoy listening to music from your phone or use your phone easily. Moreover, most of this case are waterproof which makes a great protection to your phone. This is the review of 7 best and high quality armband phone cases that you can choose.

1. GreatShield Arm Holder Case

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No matter if you go running, jogging, biking, or exercising, this case can always hold your phone. The case is made of soft and itch-free material that provides a comfortable touch with handy key pouch for keys. It also has touch sensitive screen that allows you to use your device from outside the case. This case comes with flexible sweat-proof neoprene strap that fits most people easily. You can fit most smartphones inside it which is great even if you change your phone a lot.

2. FriEQ Armband

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The case is designed specifically for iPhone 6, but you can fit phone with similar or smaller inside as well. It has the simple, easy, and universal adjustable strap that allows for quick and secure wrap to different arm sizes. The case is made from soft and stretchy material with strong and reliable grip that secures your phone to your arm or wrist. It makes the ideal choice for active lifestyles and outdoor activities.

3. All Things Accessory Armband

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This is the armband that is designed specifically for iPhone 5/5s/5c/6/6S or the phones with similar size. The armband is lightweight which is easy to use while keeping your smartphone secured and protected. This armband is adjustable and stretchy which you can easily adjust for comfort fit while playing sports. It also has the built-in hidden key holder that you can carry extra things when you’re on the go. The case is made of high quality soft neoprene which is durable and comfortable to use.

4. Ohio Tech Armband

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The armband has the function of comfortable fit that you can adjust to fit almost any arm size. It is sweat proof and water resistant which snug on your arm while protecting your phone. The case is convenient and easy to use as it allows easy access to earphones and controls from the outside. You can fit iPhone 7, 6, 5, 5S, 5C, 4, 4S, and those with similar size in this armband case. No matter what sports you do, your phone is safe next to you.

5. Deeogotech Deego Sports Armband

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This is the armband that provides excellent protection during sport like running, biking, jogging, and more. It is made of lightweight soft neoprene that is molded to twist and bend but not stretch out of shape. The case has built-in reflective strip for safe running in low light conditions which is absolutely great. You can access to headphones, button, and touchscreen from the outside with this armband case. There are 6 colors available: black, green, gray, pink, purple, and sky blue.

6. Revere Sport Slim Running Armband and Belt

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Here is the 2-in-1 band here that you can use as either armband and belt base for your phone. You can use it as a waist pack with its super stretchy adjustable strap that hugs your body and won’t bounce. The case is lightweight and comfortable as it made from premium and high quality materials for both comfort and durability. It also has bright 3M reflector strips that you high visibility when running at low light places.

7. DanForce Sports Armband

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This armband has super slim design with a lot of extras which you will absolutely love. It has precious cutouts that you can easily access to the headphone port and controls. It also includes a convenient key holder and credit card holder for extra storage for you. The armband is made of highest quality PVC which is lightweight, comfortable, and highly resistant to sweat and moisture. You can easily adjust the band for comfort fit, and it provides great fit for both small and large arms.

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