7 Best Acrylic Paint Sets

If you are into water color arts, best acrylic paints make perfect choice for long lasting and beautiful artwork. Let me tell you something about how different it is to use ordinary water color kit and acrylic paint. The first thing is about the color. Ordinary water color has fading colors and does not look good on papers or canvases at all. While acrylic paint brings vibrant and right color to your art. The second thing is quality. You wouldn’t want to paint something from your heart then watch it fades weeks later. If you want the best artwork, go for the best quality acrylic paints, and you won’t regret. So, here are some best choices that you can take into consideration.

1. Basic Acrylic Paint Set by Liquitex: 48 tubes

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 Each tube contains 22ml of high quality acrylic paint in 48 different colors for you. The paint is thick and creamy with satin finish along with good pigment load. You can use these acrylic paints with traditional painting on canvas or panel with easy and fun blending. They are also ideal for screen printing, mono prints, and block prints as well.

2. Acrylic Paint Set by Apple Barrel: 18 bottles

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 These are the 18 bottles of acrylic paints that come with quality selection of colors. The colors glide smoothly and dry quickly while stay beautiful for eternity. You can brush, stamp, stencil, or sponge these paints on any surfaces you work on. They are also easy to clean up with soap water when you’re happy with the art you create. The paints are ideal on wood, plaster, terra cotta, and more.

3. Acrylic Paint Set by MyArtShape: 12 tubes

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 With lasting vibrant colors, you can use these acrylic paintings to develop many artwork you lost counts. The paint features lay down vivid and highly pigmented acrylic colors that stay the way it looks without changing. You can use them for painting canvas, fabric, paper, ceramic, clay, wood, metal, nails, and crafts with great quality.

4. Acrylic Paint Studio Set by Colore: 12 tubes

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 The extra large of the tube contains 75ml of acrylic paint allows you to paint multiple times with ease. The paint produces vivid, richly pigmented, and long lasting vibrant colors that makes your art look realistic and lively. They dry quickly which creates durable paintings finish for you. You can them on canvas, wood, clay, fabric, nail art, and ceramic.

5. Acrylic Paints by Castle Art Supplies: 24 tubes

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 For artists who want to begin their journey with acrylic paints, this set makes great choice. The paints has easy-glide formulation that works well on paper, canvas, wood, and fabric. The paint will glide smoothly which creates the satiny finish for incredible result. There are 24 different colors in the set that you can create many different artwork with quality.

6. Acrylic Paint Set and Brushes by Creative Joy: 12 tubes and 6 brushes

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 Another set for beginners that includes both paint and brushes for you to start with convenience. There are 12 vivid premium acrylic paint colors that feature smooth easy glide to achieve fantastic result. And the 6 brushes come in different styles that you can use in different angle and painting technique. With this set, you will surely have a fun start with acrylic painting, and you’ll love it!

7. Acrylic Painting Artist Set by Royal and Langnickel: for beginners

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 And if you are really new to acrylic painting art, this set has everything necessary for you to begin with. The set features all tools inside the convenient wooden box for you to start experimenting and painting. Inside, there are 10 acrylic paint tubes, 6 brushes, 2 canvases, 1 palette knife, 1 pencil, 1 eraser, and 1 sharpener. You will also get a six-well palette, and one instruction booklet. I hope you’re ready, I look forward to see your first acrylic artwork!

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