12 Best Quality Men Belts

Belts are one of the things that men must have and wear as they go out. But don’t forget to consider the ones with best quality before you purchase. I have seen men out there who wear belts that are torn apart or lose the colors which is not so nice to see. It might be the belt that their special someone gave them as a gift which they don’t want to change. So LADIES, make sure you purchase the high quality belts for your men. To both men and women who are looking for men belts of either as a gift or use, come closer. This is the review of 12 best quality belts that you can purchase.

1. Levi’s Men’s Reversible Belt

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 The classic moment is when seeing a man dress with outfit and tuck in with a leather belt. But what should be the right leather belt? This Levi’s leather belt. With the design of 100% leather, this reversible leather belt is the combination of both quality and durability. It comes with gunmetal buckle which is easy and quick to put on in just seconds. And the brown and black of this belt simply looks great on most outfits of both casual and formal.

2. Vbiger Men’s Leather Belt

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 If you are not into reversible type of belt, try this sliding buckle belt. This belt is also made of leather, but the special thing is the design of auto lock buckle that it has. The buckle is made from alloy along with the design of double edge stitching that ensures durability for you. That buckle itself is removable which you can easily change to other colors when you want to. The belt is made from durable rubber ratchet with the design of no holes which is simply cool.

3. Dockers Men’s Leather Bridle Belt

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 This is the bevel-edge belt that comes with single-prong buckle in dark brass finish design. The belt is made of 100% leather which is so durable and elegant to show off as you wear. Don’t worry that the leather will tear apart after some times of usage, this belt will last for years. There are 2 colors that you can choose between black and brown.

4. Marino Avenue Men’s Leather Belt

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 Want to show some class? This leather belt is exactly the one that you are looking for. This belt comes with clear and detail design that shows every single piece of work right on the surface. The easy part is you don’t have to find holes because the buckle allows you to go to your right size easily. It is easy to use since you only have to slide the belt into the buckle, and let it auto locks. The leather strap has genuine leather quality that creates perfect look no matter what outfits you choose.

5. Dickies Men’s Leather Belt

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 If you want to go simple yet stylish, go with this two row stitch leather belt. This belt comes with the classic design of two row stitch that simply looks great on you. You can wear this belt to work, school, and daily activities with style. This belt is built to lat which you can use for years and it still looks new for you. It is also easy to clean with damp cloth which is easy to take care of.

6. Columbia Men’s Military Style Belt

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 No complication is needed, and this military style belt is absolutely the right choice. This is the military inspire belt hat comes in cotton webbing with metal buckle and logoed tip. The belt strap is made from 100% cotton which is flexible and tough to use which you can wear in any conditions. This belt has 3 different colors for you to choose including black, olive, and beige.

7. Luxury Divas Braided Elastic Stretch Belt

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 This is the belt that you both men and women can use. It has the design of fashionable weaved texture with the mixture of elastic for great comfort and style for you. You can wear this belt with jeans, slacks, chinos, or shorts, and the style is always there with you. If you travel a lot, this belt is a fun news to know because you can through the airport without removing it. There are a few color choices that you can select to match your style and preference.

8. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Leather Reversible Belt

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 This belt is the perfect choice for vintage and old school look. The belt is made from 45% cowhide leather and 55% of PU bonded leather that ensures quality and durability. It is the reversible belt with contrast stitching and polished metal hardware that expose great style. You can wear this belt to work, formal meetings, or any parties with class and style for your outfits.

9. Carhartt Men’s Anvil Leather Belt

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 No matter if you wear suit and tie or simply casual clothes to work, this belt will compliment them all. This belt is made from 100% full-grain leather that features single-prong buckle for easy use. The keeper has logo carved on it that ensures brand name and quality for you to wear with style and quality. You can choose between black and brown to match your daily outfits or preference.

10. Belts.com Men’s Leather Strap Belt

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 Let’s come back to old school vintage leather belt with this one. It is the classic vintage belt that comes with distressed looked-stitched around the edge for extra strength. The belt is made with snaps for changing buckles that you can easily snap on and snap off. There are 5 holes at the tip end that will fit you comfortably. There are 2 colors available: dark brown and black.

11. Mission Belt Men’s Leather Ratchet Belt

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 Speaking of flexibility, this leather belt owns it all. This belt is made from genuine leather which looks smooth and cool to wear. It needs no holes to crack at all since the design of buckle is included for easy wear. The buckle is removable which is handy when it comes to airport security or change the colors. There are dozens of colors that you can choose, I hope it is easy for you to make the color decision.

12. Synthetic Apparel Men’s Classic Leather Belt

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 With the construction from 100% genuine leather, this belt delivers the greatest and softest touch on you. The design ensures both high quality and durability for you can use for years without having to change another one. The belt has 3 styles with 15 sizes available that you can easily choose to match your styles. The colors? It is your choice to choose since there are different colors in buckles and belt that will like.

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