11 Best Color Pencils Brands

Do you know that using best color pencils brands make your art way more better and has greater quality? Of course they help, and you can tell the difference between cheap and high quality color pencils with your artwork. High quality color pencils bring realistic colors and last longer on the paper without fading no matter how long. Another thing is that best color pencils make things easier for you during coloring since the colors are simply great. Which means you don’t need to push hard while coloring or having trouble not having the right color at all. There are not many good brands out there, so I only bring the best choices for you. Take a look down here!

1. Premier Colored Pencils by Prismacolor: 72 Counts

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 Prismacolor is one of the most well-known color pencils among artists out there. Each color pencil has soft and thick core that makes shading and shadowing in art shine with perfection. The color pencils from Prismacolor feature lightfast and saturated pigments which makes coloring super easy and convenient. While the thick and robust leads resist cracking and chipping, and it helps coloring smooth and flawless. You can use a pack of 48, 72, 132, and 150 counts.

2. Premium Coloring Pencils by Sargent Art: 50 Counts

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 Sargent Art has designed color pencils that artists in any age can use to create incredible coloring artwork. Each color pencil features subtle colors with a variety of shade and hue variations to create illusion in art. You can use these color pencil to create special blurring and blending effects as they enhance details flawlessly. You can choose from a variety of packs including, 12, 24, 36, 48, 50 counts, and more.

3. Color Pencil Set with Case by Top Quality Art Supplies: 72 Counts

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 With 72 colors, there are countless artwork that you can create with those colors together. The pencils are made with standard for you to color with bold and firm creation. You can use these color pencils to achieve soft and delicate designs in away style you like. It doesn’t matter even if you use them on coloring books, drawing, sketching, or portraits, they all result equally perfect. These color pencils allow you to layer, blend, and burnish any pictures with ease and perfection.

4. Color Pencils by Crayola: 50 Counts

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 Crayola offers the unique design of color pencils for you as they are made from reforested wood. The pencils are pre-sharpened for you which you can immediately use them as you open the box. Each pencil is strong and durable which you can use for years and create countless arts from them. You can use these color pencils to mix, blend, and more with great result to your artwork.

5. Colored Pencils by Ohuhu: 48 Counts

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 This is a set of high quality drawing pencils from Ohuhu that you can use in many different purposes. There are 48 different colors in the pack that you can use for writing, drawing, and sketching. Each pencil offers high print effect and smooth as you coloring onto the papers. No matter if you color a secret garden, enchanted forest, or big blue ocean, these color pencils are just right. They are environmental friendly and non-toxic which is good and fun to use.

6. Colored Pencils by Derwent: 24 Counts

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 These are the color pencils that provide intense color combined with a translucent effect for bold and expressive drawings. There are 2 different ways for you to use them, either dry or mix with water. With water, the color will turn into a vibrant ink and you can use it in another level of artwork. The highly blendable texture of the colors brings realistic and great look to the images perfectly. They are durable and come in many choices including 6, 12, 24, 36, and 72 counts.

7. Colored Pencils by Artist’s Choice: 120 counts

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 Imagine how many hundreds or thousands artwork that you can create with 120 unique colors from this set. These color pencils allow you to color, write, blend, print, highlight, hatch, scumble, stipple, layer, and burnish artistically. The pencils come inside a convenient collapsible folding case for easy storage and portability. The case takes very little space, and it is perfect for any desk, backpack, locker, or shelf.

8. Fine Art Colored Pencils by Marco: 72 Counts

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 Nothing is better than using the high quality color pencils for writing, drawing, and sketching from one set. This pack contains 72 different color pencils that allow you to create high print and smooth effect. The print effect is clear, and they don’t fade easily which bring quality to every artwork you create. There are different set that you can select such as 24, 36, 48, and 72 counts.

9. Colored Pencil Set by Immersive Color: 50 Counts

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 These vibrant color pencils create lively and bright effect to the art which makes the pictures look naturally beautiful. The are made from high grade pigments that help bring a bright and smooth finish for you. They are durable and versatile which you can use for months or years without breaking. These color pencils are perfect for coloring, sketching, drawing, and shading.

10. Soft Core Color Pencils by Platinum Art Supplies: 72 Counts

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 The wide array of different shades and tints from these 72 colors in the set can create any type of artwork. They are perfect for drawing, sketching, and coloring which is simply perfect for any artists. The pencils come in great shapes which feel comfortably good and look stylish in hands. No matter if you are a beginner or an expert, this set is just the right one for you.

11. Coloring Pencil Set by JNW Direct: 48 Counts

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 Comes in a roll up case, this stylish set of color pencils makes great choice to have. The high quality color pencils allows you to create coloring and fantastic arts on any papers. With them, you can shade, burnish, blend, and layer to bring pictures to live with ease. The case is lightweight, and it keeps your color pencils protected and organized inside. It is also easy to bring along with, so you can always color no matter where you go.

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