10 Best Quality Camping Lanterns That Every Camper Should Have

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Summer is coming soon, and don’t forget camping lanterns if you plan to go camping. Sure thing campfire can light up the night naturally and beautifully. But you can’t bring the whole fire when you need the bathroom though. Trust me camping lanterns are helpful for so many reasons for campers out there. And here are the best choices of them for you. Just like my other reviews, I only bring the best quality products. These camping lanterns will do you justice, and maybe you can purchase one for your next adventure.

1. Portable Outdoor LED Camping Lantern by Etekcity

It is important to bring a durable camping lantern with you during your adventure. And I shall bring you this durable camping lantern as the first choice.

  • The military construction makes the lantern durable for long term use
  • It is lightweight which is easy to bring along with and carry around
  • It can light up to 12 hours per charge
  • The lantern is super bright while consume very little energy
  • The size is absolutely compact and portable
  • It is also water resistant

The price of this lantern is worth the quality due to its durability and features

2. Portable LED Camping Lantern by Image

There are times when you want to chill in the tent but not in complete darkness. That is when this lantern comes to its role.

  • The lantern features fan with high and low settings that keep you cool in hot nights
  • It offers ultra bright LED bulbs to light up the night
  • You can tilt it to different angles and positions
  • The lantern is lightweight and compact that you can fit in your backpack
  • When in use, you can easily hang the lantern on the ceiling of your tent
  • Its battery lasts up to 37 hours which is awesome
  • For the fan and the lantern in one? The price is totally cool!

Image Portable LED Camping Lantern with Ceiling Fan (Paperback)

List Price: $20.99 USD
New From: $15.99 USD In Stock
Used from: $14.39 USD In Stock

3. Long Lasting Camping Lantern by AYL

If you are looking for something reliable for every camping, you should have this lantern. It comes with amazing features that every camper out there compliment all the time.

  • It is the lantern with LED bulbs that provides you crystal clear light
  • The lantern is lightweight and compact which is easy to bring along with
  • It is also shockproof and water resistant for great durability of long term use
  • There are 3 lighting modes that you can choose: low, high, and flashing strobe
  • The battery lasts up to 6 full days on a single set of 3 D batteries
  • You can hang up on other objects or simply place it on the ground
  • The lantern is ideal for hiking, camping, emergencies, and any occasions that need light
  • The price is great for a lantern that can do this much

4. Siege Lantern from Streamlight

This is one adorable mini lantern that you can easily bring along with to your camping. It is compact yet so bright which is cool to have.

  • The lantern is lightweight and small which is great for portability
  • It has ergonomic handle that you can either lock in upright or stow position
  • The rings on top and bottom allows you to hang the lantern from either way
  • There are 5 lighting modes: high, medium, low, red, and red SOS flashing
  • This lantern is Waterproof, and it floats in the water
  • There are 3 color choices: yellow, coyote, and pink
  • I would spend on a waterproof lantern, and you should because this type is rare

Streamlight 44931 Siege 540 Lumen Ultra-Compact Work Lantern (Coyote W/WHITE/RED LED, 3xD Battery) (Automotive)

List Price: $62.42 USD
New From: $32.99 USD In Stock
Used from: $28.70 USD In Stock

5. Portable Camping Lantern by Lemontec

Camping in group would need some extra light, and I believe that this pack of 3 lanterns is perfect.

  • Each lantern features sturdy design that allows you to fold it into a more compact size
  • The lantern is lightweight and portable which is ideal for any trips and adventures
  • It is durable, water resistant, and great for both indoor and outdoor uses
  • The battery lasts up to 12 hours
  • 3 awesome lanterns for this price, you could save a lot

6. Camping Lantern Set by Gold Armor

And if you think 3 lanterns is not enough for the squad, then let’s go with a set of 4. Each lantern even has different colors.

  • The lantern comes with low powered LED bulbs which is great for long term use
  • Each of them is durable and water resistant which is perfect for any adventure
  • It is super lightweight and compact for easy portability
  • You can use it for both indoor and outdoor
  • The battery lasts up to 12 hours
  • Perfect for families, hikers, campers, backpackers, and everyone
  • Colors: black, blue, pink, and silver
  • I believe your group will agree with 4 lanterns of this price, it’s awesome

7. Ultra Bright LED Lantern by Vont

Here we have a fabulous lantern that comes with every cool feature users love. There are great features that this little lantern have for you, so check them out.

  • The lantern is collapsible which you can convert into a smaller size for easy portability
  • It is small yet bright enough to light up the whole tent
  • It is durable and water resistant which is perfect for long term use
  • You don’t need to switch it on or off since it is on once you extend and off once you collapse
  • The price of this lantern is considerable

8. LED Camping Lantern by MalloMe

Here we have a pack of elegant and classic lanterns in the list. In case you want to camp with style of awesome light, then these are the lanterns for you my friend.

  • The lanterns have 100,000 hours of LED bulb life span which you can use for a long time
  • Each lantern is lightweight, compact, and portable which is perfect for camping
  • There is a handle that you can carry or hang on other objects for source of light
  • The pack of 4 consists of lanterns with different colors including green, blue, black, and gold
  • The cost of these 4 lanterns are acceptable for the quality and quantity

9. Collapsible Camping Lantern by TaoTronics

Collapsible lanterns are always the great choice to have for camping since you can easily bring them along with. And this lantern comes with style that you will be able to use wherever you go.

  • The lantern is the lightest and most portable camping lantern ever
  • You can collapse it when not in use for easy portability as it fits in your pocket easily
  • The lantern is durable, unbreakable, and efficiency to use
  • There are 3 lighting mode: strong, weak, and strobe
  • A set of 3 AA batteries will offer you up to 15 hours of continuous lighting
  • The price is just perfect, you will not regret purchasing this lantern

10. Ultra Bright LED Camping Lantern by Supernova

Camping will be super convenient when you have a great lantern that you can use when you need light. In our last choice of the list, I present you an awesome camping lanterns that you might want to have.

  • This lantern is water resistant and durable which is great for extreme adventures
  • It comes with compact size and sturdy rubber to ensure the stability and durability
  • You can use it continuously up to 6 days
  • There are 3 lighting modes that you can use in different situations
  • The lantern is perfect for outdoor adventures like camping, hiking, and more
  • The price of the lantern is acceptable since it also ensures the quality for you as well

Supernova 300 Lumens Ultra Bright LED Camping and Emergency Lantern (Tools & Home Improvement)

List Price: $26.96 USD
New From: $25.99 USD In Stock
Used from: $17.17 USD In Stock
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