10 Best Portable Keyboards

There are times when you need an extra portable keyboards to work while you are outside or need another keyboard. Portable keyboards have different sizes and shapes that you can choose to complete your work space. Some of them has different colors that you can choose base on your color preference. Also,portable keyboards come in compact size which is easy for you to bring along with no matter where you go. Since there are many design of portable keyboard out there, this review is here to help. Check it out down below to see some best quality portable keyboards that might be the right one for you.

1. Logitech Wireless Keyboard

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 This keyboard comes in a set with a wireless mouse that you can use and bring along with easily. They feature a tiny Logitech nano-receiver that connects both the keyboard and the mouse with one USB port. The keyboard is full size, and it has quiet and low profile keys that you can type without making noises. It also has eight hot keys that you can access to movies, music, the Internet, volume, and more. The keyboard’s battery lasts up to 36 months while the mouse’s is 12 months for you.

2. HP Wireless Elite Keyboard V2

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 HP has designed this sleek and clean lines keyboard to makes it easier and more comfortable for you. It is the full-sized keyboard that comes with hot keys, function keys, and built-in number pad. The keys are low profile which you can type smoothly and quietly during your work. It comes with the stand-alone design that keeps the dirt out which keeps the keyboard clean all the time. You can also adjust the height with the adjustable legs inside the keyboard for more comfort wrist posture.

3. EagleTec Wireless Combo Keyboard and Mouse

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 Both wireless keyboard and mouse comes at the set, that is a plus here. They feature reliable 2.4GHz wireless connection that use a single nano-receiver to connect both the devices with one USB port. The keyboard features 12 hot keys that allow you to access to most used function quickly and easily. Both the keyboard and mouse have long battery life that last over 18 months for you to use. The keyboard comes with splash resistant which is absolutely durable for long term use.

4. Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard with Mouse Touch Pad

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 Why need a mouse when you can control the cursor with touch pad that comes with this keyboard? This is the qwerty keyboard that comes inside ordinary keyboard layout along with wireless connection. It has ultra sensitive touch pad with 90-degree flip design with easy connection of using USB receiver. The keyboard has auto-sleep and wake-up function, and it comes with ergonomic design of compact and lightweight for you.

5. Logitech Wireless Keyboard with Built-In Touch Pad

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 Here comes another keyboard with built-in touch pad that you can easily use while on the go. You can enjoy the easy and comfortable typing relaxingly with quiet keys and easy-to-reach characters from this keyboard. It also features large touch pad with multi-touch navigation for easier web browsing. Simply plug in the tiny wireless receiver into your laptop, and you’re ready to use the keyboard. It works with Windows 7, Vista, and XP.

6. QQ-Tech Seenda Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

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 When I say mini, this keyboard is a mini ones and it is absolutely portable to have. This is the keyboard that comes with innovative unique design that ensures comfort and ease in hands. It features portable and elegant look with back light that you can type and use conveniently. The keyboard also has multi-touch pad and scroll bar that you can scroll, screen flip, and click easily. It has built-in rechargeable battery and auto-sleep/wake mode that save the battery for longer use.

7. Ivation Wireless Keyboard

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 Here is the keyboard that comes in full size and the cool design of LED light that shines in the dark. It is the strong construction keyboard that has extra comfort of whole silica gel that creates smooth touch. The keyboard features all standard hot keys so that you can access to your most used functions easily and quickly. With blue LED illuminated backlit letters, you can still the keyboard even there is no light in the room. It is easy to use and works great which is simply great to have.

8. JETech Wireless Keyboard

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 With compact and portable design, this keyboard makes an easy device to bring along with to places. It features smaller keyboard yet includes all function which you can access to all important keys. Each key is low profile which you can type quietly and effortlessly no matter how long you take. Just simply insert the nano USB receiver into the computer, and you’re ready to type. This keyboard has long battery life that lasts for months for you to use.

9. Apple Wireless Keyboard

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 If you use Apple laptops or tablets, this is just the right keyboard for you. This keyboard features compact size that you can bring along with to places and type with ease and comfort. Its size takes less space which you can simply put the keyboard on your lap and type. You can use it with iPad, Mac Computer via Bluetooth connection with both ease and style conveniently.

10. Microsoft Wireless Desktop Keyboard

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 Microsoft has brought this keyboard to provide you the comfort and ease while typing with you computer. This keyboard works great with keyboard due to its size, keys, and quality. You can easily connect the keyboard to your desktop computer with nano receiver. The keyboard has easy access hot keys that you can easily access and control most used functions in your computer. It comes with the wireless mouse in the package so that you don’t need to buy another wireless mouse.

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